We pride ourselves on our contractual flexibility. We understand that long-term agreements can be a complete deal breaker, and make you feel like you’re trapped into a service with no way out. Not to mention, we want you to feel at-ease, like you’re in control. Our agreement terms are for a set 90 day commitment. Then, after that, it’s strictly month to month! Simple! We’re not miracle workers, and this allows us the appropriate amount of time to perform for you to see sufficient results.

Yes, each user gets a login to a dashboard that can be utilized as a light CRM or Lead Management System. You can manage all of your Agent Zip leads there and place them in different stages as you move them through the process of the transaction. We also have built in auto-responders that we’ve found to work well for other clients and are constantly being updated. However, you can use your own if you already have templates that have been successful for you. The Agent Zip team will set all this up for you, we pride ourselves in providing a done-for-you service so you can focus more on your clients

Our system integrates with 99% of CRM’s and follow up systems out on the market. We know it’s annoying to have to log into or learn multiple systems, we’ll have your Agent Zip leads sent to your own system with ease. Again, we’ll take care of all this for you, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

That varies by market, whether you’re targeting Buyers, Sellers or Mortgage clients and how much you’re investing. We’re one of the highest volume lead generation services in the industry without sacrificing quality. We know internet leads is always a numbers game, we strive to give you as many opportunities for new business as possible.

We generate leads using various methods but the bulk of our leads come from utilizing search engine and social media platforms. Since millions of users are online per day, it’s the best way to identify and get people to raise their hand if they are interested in buying, selling, getting pre-approved for a loan or refinancing their home. We then take them through a journey where we provide as much value to them as possible and get more specific information about what they’re needing. We pass on all the information we collect to our clients so they have a better story on each lead giving them a much better chance at converting them into a sale.

Sometimes a lead will provide invalid contact information but it’s very rare. Also, since we take them through multiple forms where we ask them to verify important information such as their phone number, the chances that all the phone numbers they provide are invalid is extremely unlikely. Our system checks each phone number right when it comes in so you will see a check mark showing it’s been verified.

Our strategy is to identify home buyers and sellers before they go to the major portal websites, once they do, they have access to hundreds if not thousands of Real Estate Agents, Brokers or Lenders in their market. Each time they go to a different property or click on a different page, they will see different names and faces. It can get quite overwhelming and ruin what should be a good experience. The clients we target are usually just starting the process and don’t generally have a specific property in mind or aren’t ready to list their home that day. You may have to work and nurture them a little longer, but you have a much better chance of winning their business. We also gather much more information on each lead than the major portal sites, in an industry where data is king, having a database with richer data is invaluable.

We rarely miss the mark on the minimum amount of leads guaranteed for the month, If it does happen, no need to worry, we’ll make up for it the next month which gives us even more of an incentive to generate a higher volume that month. If it happens to be the last month of the term, we’ll prorate how many leads were short and credit you back.

We bring each lead through a journey where they are digitally scrubbed to help qualify and identify the consumers that are more serious or further along in the process. Our Lead Management System engages with each lead right away for you, that way you can focus only on the people that are responding positively. The other leads can be put on a follow up campaign. We also offer ISA services through extended add on programs.

Yes, all leads generated by Agent Zip are exclusive to you. However, NAR statistics show the average home buyer communicates with 5 agents before making a purchase and homeowners typically interview 3 agents before listing their home. That’s why it’s so important to buy your leads from Agent Zip where we strategize to identify consumers before they have access to hundreds or thousands of Agents, Brokers and Lenders.